Buy lamps at Luminize

Good light creates atmosphere in your life. You therefore only buy lamps after careful consideration. The better the color of the light, the more pleasant the environment will appear to you. Luminize specializes in cozy light. LED lamps always have a warm tint with us.

Attractive design

When you buy lamps, you think of sparkling design. After all, in addition to warm light, you also want to add a fashionable accent to your interior. Fortunately, you can buy carefully finished industrial lamps at Luminize. We provide them with dimmable LED lamps.

In terms of design, you are not tied to a certain shape. Some models are square, but there are also very nice round lamps. Do you prefer oval? You can also buy attractive industrial lamps from us in that form.

Dimmable LED lamps provide atmosphere

Dimming LED lamps is the latest trend. As a result, the warm light of our dimmable LED lamps falls even softer on your interior. This can be the interior of your home, but our special lamps with LED also do very well in the office.

Think about the possibilities that dimmable LED lamps offer. One moment you use the full light to read a book. The other moment you mainly look for atmosphere. For example, because you sit together in a corner of the room and enjoy a nice nibble on Friday evening.

Buy lamps with separate wall dimmer

You buy lamps for every room in your home or office. For your home you will buy industrial lamps that match perfectly with the rest of your interior. It is therefore good to know that we sell dimmable LED lamps in black and white and in combinations of black and gold.

In addition to dimmable LED lamps, Luminize also offers high-quality wall dimmers. You apply it yourself where there is currently a light switch. This way you can dim all hanging LED lighting beautifully. Did you know that LED lighting with remote control also exists? Luminize sells these with white LED light, but also with LED light in different colors.

Buy LED lamps with sensor and other garden lighting

And then we haven’t even talked about our range of outdoor lamps with LED. This can be wall lamps, but also outdoor lamps with a sensor. They watch over your safety for you. In addition, they are practical, because they turn on automatically. This way you will never walk through a pitch dark garden again. You also never have to look for your key in the dark at the front door again.

You can buy all kinds of lamps for the garden at Luminize. In addition to outdoor lamps with a sensor, you can choose from ground spotlights, solar garden lighting, standing outdoor lamps, garden spotlights and outdoor wall lamps. This is how we help you with atmospheric light to decorate your garden. Especially when the season moves towards summer, our special lamps let you enjoy your garden well into the night.

Significant savings on costs and energy consumption

Finally, a note on durability. With LED you can save up to 90% on your energy. Buying lamps from Luminize therefore ensures a sustainable life. Moreover, it saves you a lot of money during use. Feel free to browse our range. Check out our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest trends!