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The right lighting in your living room: here’s how to do it!

Surely the living room is mostly about relaxation, getting together and coziness. A cozy living room is achieved with the right furnishings. Thus, a beautiful
rug 200×300
can make a lot of difference. The right lighting is also crucial to the atmosphere in the living room. This is how you tackle the living room lighting plan!

Basic lighting

Start with the basic lighting: that is, the big light. In many cases, this is a ceiling lamp that hangs from the ceiling in the center of the room, for example, nicely above the
rug living room
. While basic lighting should be mostly practical, in the living room it is often nice if the light is not too white. For example, use some more yellowish LED lighting or use a lampshade that slightly yellows the light.

Additional lighting

Supplement the basic lighting with so-called supplementary lighting in corners where you sit a lot, so you can continue to enjoy reading your book even on the darkest days. Additional lighting might include a nice floor lamp next to the sofa, which you can turn on when it gets darker in the evening, or a few nice spotlights on the wall above the table you often work at. You could also opt for a daylight lamp if you are low on daylight.

Accent lighting

If you are careful with your interior design, you probably have a few eye-catchers in the living room that deserve to be highlighted extra, literally. That’s where accent lighting comes in. Accent lighting is lighting that highlights a particular decorative item, artwork or piece of furniture. You can accomplish this, for example, with a
beautiful floor lamp
, a spotlight on the wall or an LED strip under the item you want to highlight extra. Especially with artwork in the living room, beautiful accent lighting can really do a lot for the atmosphere.

Mood lighting

Installing mood lighting in the living room is perhaps the most fun to do. When you spend a cozy evening on the couch with friends or your loved one, it’s nice to dim the light a bit or even turn it off completely and use other light sources. Atmospheric lighting is provided, for example, by a dimming function on the main light (the basic lighting). Nowadays, you often control such a dimming function with an app. In addition, small desk lamps with a cute shade, light garlands on the wall or the old-fashioned candles are an ideal way to give your living room a cozy and perhaps even a romantic atmosphere.