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A lamp with remote control

A lamp with remote control

Technically, more and more is becoming possible. The lamp with remote control is advancing at great speed. This also applies to a lamp that you want to hang on the wall, for example. Such a wall lamp with remote control is not only very decorative, it is also very easy to operate.

Never step into a dark room again

Let’s focus on the indoor wall lamp with remote control. At Luminize you can choose a beautiful model in a black industrial style. The light it gives is white. A nice remote control is included for this. If you place it at the entrance to the room and come home in the dark, you will never have to enter an unlit room again.

Incidentally, such a remote-controlled smart LED lamp also works well in the hallway or in the hall. The neutral decorative look of our lamp with remote control ensures that it adapts to its surroundings in any place.

White light with atmosphere

Now you may be thinking: “White light, what do I do with that?” If you only think of bright or clear white light, then you are really missing out on this smart lamp. What is the case: you can dim the smart LED lamp in all possible ways. This way you can use it if you need a lot of light. For example, if your child wants to tie their shoelaces in the hallway. But you can also use such a lamp with a remote control to create a romantic atmosphere when the two of you are watching television in the evening.

Infinitely change the color temperature

But what do we actually mean by ‘white’ with this smart LED lamp? Well, that’s not even that easy to determine. This revolutionary wall lamp with remote control offers the possibility to adjust the color temperature. Have you ever heard of Kelvin’s letter K? That K is used in LED lamps to indicate the hue of the light. In this case it is about the shade of the white. We also call this the color temperature.

The nice thing about our wall lamp with remote control is that you can vary this color temperature with the remote control. It runs over a very wide range. The lowest setting is at 2.700K. Then you have warm light where you can relax. If you screw up the color temperature, you can increase it to 6.500K. The lamp then gives maximum white light. This is useful if you need sharp and bright lighting.

When you watch the instructional video on our website, you can see the variation in shades with your own eyes. So you see that you can change the light steplessly, from sunny white, to bright white or perhaps to candle yellow light.

This brings an unlimited range of atmospheres within your reach. Most customers who purchase such a white light smart LED lamp from us ultimately create their own favorite shade with it. After all, you can perfectly adapt the smart lamp to the environment in which you will use it.

Smart LED lamp with color spectrum

But not only with our lamp with remote control you get a warm atmosphere at home. You can also create warm light with our color lamp RGB with remote control. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. Red, Green and Blue are our primary colours. By mixing them we end up with different colors.

The nice thing about an RGB lamp with remote control is the color spectrum that you bring into your home or office environment. You will find twelve pre-programmed positions on the remote control. They automatically mix the light for you. The colored light on your wall creates a unique experience. In addition, it is possible to not only adjust the color with this smart LED lamp, but also to dim the strength of the light. With all these options you provide the right light for the most diverse occasions. An evening of TV with friends requires its own color spectrum on the wall. Is it your child’s birthday and you are celebrating the children’s party, then bright colors that can jump are of course very cool. You can turn on the music. The dancing can then start right away.

If it is evening and you have invited the neighbors for a drink, then varying the colored lighting is pretty cool. This is exactly the time to introduce your visitors to the advantage that the RGB smart lamp has brought to your home.

Save energy with your smart lamp

When it comes to atmosphere in your home or office, Luminize is the partner you are looking for. We have completely focused on atmospheric lighting, which takes place at a color temperature of 2.700K. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the market. Namely from all those suppliers who increasingly offer the less tasteful variants of 3.000K online.

In addition to atmosphere, there is of course sustainability. It is now clear that the energy consumption we are used to must be reduced as quickly as possible. We now know that the classic light bulb wasted most of its energy by dissipating it in heat. A smart LED lamp does not get hot. It does provide the same amount of light in any desired warm shade. This makes our remote control lamp a champion in energy saving. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the savings can easily rise to 80% to 90%! Moreover, such a smart lamp is also very safe. It does not give off heat so will not cause a fire hazard. This makes the LED lamps for the wall not only very economical, but also very safe.

Lamp with remote control or a separate dimmer

For dimming LED light, you are not only dependent on the smart LED lamp. At Luminize we also offer individual LED dimmers. You install it in a fixed place, so that you also have the option of dimming your other LED lamps. In this way you can effortlessly control the atmosphere in your entire home or office. Partly with the dimmers that you install and for the other part with the lamp with remote control that you mount on the wall.

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