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Why choose dimmable LED lamps

Why choose dimmable LED lamps?

Without thinking about it, we switched from dimmable light bulbs to dimmable LED lamps. Because the dimmable wall lamp with LED does not have such a long history. Originally, light dimmers were intended for dimming incandescent and halogen light. Only in recent years has it become possible to also make a wall lamp dimmable that has LED as a light source. The dimmable LED lamp brings atmosphere to any interior.

Invention of LED and light dimmer

We owe the existence of the LED lamp to Nick Holonyak. In 1962 he was the first to invent a light-emitting diode. At that time it still gave a fairly weak red light, but the LED lighting was born with it. There was still a long way to go before a wall lamp with a dimmer became possible.

LED is based on the fact that some materials emit light when current passes through them. Very different from the filament in a light bulb, which actually glows like a heating wire. The light in a LED is created by the movement of electrons in so-called semiconductor material.

The nice thing is that Nick Holonyak also invented the light dimmer. At the time, this was still about dimming incandescent light, but it did contribute to the fact that we believe that every wall lamp should be dimmable.

In the decades after his first discovery, other colors of LED light were also invented. White light from LED only came in the 1990s. This was a major breakthrough for the lighting industry. After all, such light was also suitable for use in the interior. That is why LED lamps for interior lighting have been made since the late 1990s. And so we arrive at the dimmable wall lamp of today.

Wall lamp dimmable? Atmosphere everywhere.

Dimmable LED lamps give you the opportunity to create atmosphere in the place where you hang or place it. At Luminize, almost every wall lamp is dimmable. This makes us the market leader in this field. The wall lamp with dimmer is always based on a pleasant color temperature. The color temperature is 2.700K and provides a warm appearance.

A dimmable wall lamp does its job anywhere. In your house this can be in the living room, but also in the hallway, the bathroom or in the kitchen. If you also like atmosphere in your bedroom, then the wall lamp with dimmer will also come into its own there.

Dimmable LED lamp outdoors

With the dimmable LED lamp you are not limited to indoor use. Such a lamp can also be used outdoors. You can see this at Luminize in the category ‘Outdoor lighting’, where the wall lamp is dimmable.

Dimming a wall lamp in the garden has the same impact as dimming indoors. The atmosphere becomes cozy and romantic if you put the dimmable wall lamp on the back burner. If you just need a lot of light in the garden, then you simply put the wall lamp with dimmer high. The clear appearance of the light in a beautiful color temperature of 2.700K combines functionality with the warmth of exactly the right shade.

RGB wall lamp with dimmer

Did you know that our webshop also has a wall lamp with dimmer that combines the entire color spectrum for you? The basic colors red, green and blue (RGB) are built into this Color Lamp RGB. By combining those basic colors, you end up with all kinds of other colors. The wall lamp is dimmable with the remote control that comes with it. There are also quite a few buttons on this remote control for the color choice you want.

Such a dimmable wall lamp with an RGB spectrum works very well in all places in your home or office. It adds an artistic glow in the corners of the room, but is also great fun for children who of course like to operate the remote control themselves.

That makes this wall lamp with dimmer and colors an excellent choice for the children’s room. Dancing to favorite music, your child chooses the desired color spectrum. Preferably this is done together with friends and girlfriends. The dimmable wall lamp with RGB adds a festive object to every children’s room.

Dimmable LED lamp with separate dimmer

A dimmable LED lamp is not the only way to bring dimmable LED light into your home. At Luminize you can also simply order a separate LED dimmer. It is suitable to be built in at the place where you still have the normal light switch. So you can create a dimmable wall lamp yourself, but you can also dim the light with a hanging lamp.

In all cases, dimming the light is intended to illuminate your interior as well as possible. Depending on the time of day and the people present, you can put the dimmable LED lamp in a low or high position. This adds a choice instrument to your interior with which you can regulate the atmosphere in your home or office even better.

Wall lamp dimmable in beautiful design

We sell a wall lamp with dimmer in all kinds of versions. If you are charmed by industrial design, then indulge yourself with us. You can choose from square or oval. We sell them individually, but also as a set of two. But maybe you prefer the combination of black and gold? We also have such a wall lamp with dimmer for you.

Of course, the color of our wall lamps is not limited to black. We also sell various models of wall lamp with dimmer in the color white. In addition, you will find a sleek design in silver color and a dimmable wall lamp that is transparent.

Dimmable LED lamp durable in all respects

Each model has been carefully designed and adds an artistic accent to your interior. You don’t have to worry about the lifespan of the dimmable LED lamp. This also applies to sustainability in terms of energy consumption. LED lamps last for years and the energy consumption is on average only about 15% of what was usual with the classic light bulb. In short: count your profit!

Dimmable LED lamps