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Dimmable lamps for more atmospheric light in the home and garden

Dimmable lamps for more atmospheric light in the home and garden

LED lighting bright? Fortunately not at Luminize. We sell warm dimmable lamps with a color temperature of 2.700K. Indeed, there are many suppliers in the market who sell LED lamps with a color temperature that is too high. Those lamps are often cheap, but they provide an atmospheric whole.

With Luminize 2.700K dimmable lamps

Luminize has successfully focused on LED lighting of 2.700K. A lamp with this color temperature always provides atmospheric lighting. It does not matter whether you dim it or not. This brings us straight to the most important advantage of our 2,700K range: Dimmable lamps from this range provide warm light in every position. That is precisely the reason why we have focused on this exclusive segment of LED lighting.

LED lamps can be dimmed in many ways. The technique for this can roughly be divided into three methods. You can operate the dimmable mood light with a dimmer in the cord, but at Luminize we also offer high-quality built-in dimmers. You simply mount it where the light switch is in the wall. If you go all the way on the luxury tour, dimmers that you operate remotely are the right choice for you.

Why actually dim your lamps?

If you opt for dimmable lamps, you increase the functionality of the lighting in your home, garden or office. With the same lighting fixtures you can then provide the right light for a large number of situations.

Dimmable lamps in the bedroom

Let’s take the bedroom as an example. First we choose an elegant wall lamp or an industrial model. This of course depends on your personal taste. We provide that wall lamp with dimmable lamps with a 2.700K color temperature. Now you are prepared for all kinds of lighting situations.

For example, if you like to read a book or the newspaper in bed, it is nice if you have enough light. The mood light provided by the dimmable lamp may then shine at maximum level. This is already different if you like to watch television before falling asleep in your bed. For convenience, you can already set the dimmable lamp to a low level. You create mood light with it and you can also fall asleep effortlessly.

But how do you deal with the light if you want to quickly change the bed in the evening? Then, of course, set the dimmer to the highest setting. Your 2.700K LED lamp then produces a warm glow that is also very bright. Handy, right? You might also quickly run the vacuum cleaner through your bedroom in that light. Then turn the dimmer back down a bit and bathe your bedroom in cozy mood light.

Dimmable lamps in the living room

And in the living room? There you naturally have all kinds of nooks and corners where you can create atmosphere with dimmable lamps. For example, consider the dining area. If it’s a dark day and you’re having breakfast or lunch, set the dimmable lamps to maximum. When it’s time for the evening meal, set the lights to half power. You can then enjoy dinner with atmospheric lighting.

There is also often a need for dimmable lamps in the seating area. If you watch television in the evening or have a drink together, it is nice if the dimmable lamps spread their light at a low setting. For example, if you are going through the mail, you need a bit brighter light. With a simple action you put the dimmable lamps in their highest position.

Mood lighting in a business environment

For example, there are many other places in the house where dimmable lamps of 2.700K come into their own. But also in a business environment there is often a need for atmosphere. Think of a waiting room where you can dim the light. Depending on the amount of light coming in through the windows, you can adjust the desired light intensity at any time. Of course, this also applies in areas such as the toilet. Certainly in a modern business environment, such contemporary interior lighting should not be missing.

Can you also install dimmable lamps outside?

Naturally, dimming lamps is not limited to indoors. Also in the garden there is often a need for dimmable lamps that can provide atmospheric lighting. Can you see yourself sitting on the terrace on a summer evening, while the sun has just set? Maybe you’ll have a drink. The need for mood lighting is then of course at a maximum.

To help you with this, the outdoor lighting in our webshop is ready and waiting for you. Again, we have applied a color temperature of 2.700K. The LED lamps used are dimmable and enable you to create the right atmosphere at any time. During a drink after the setting sun, you can set the lighting low. But if you are reading a book, it is better to raise the level of the lighting a bit. The same is often necessary if you choose to play a game with the whole family. The board game or playing cards are then excellently illuminated by the brightly shining 2.700K mood lamps.

Your taste is decisive

Now that you can place a dimmable 2.700K LED lamp in every wall lamp, pendant lamp or floor lamp that you purchase from Luminize, you can fully focus on the model of the lamp to be purchased. You can spoil yourself with the most beautiful design, for example a wall lamp that shines downwards or radiates light on all sides. Do you opt for oval or rather a cube shape? You only have to browse through our range to make the right choice.

Always the right mood light

The dimmable lamps then do their job for you. You can create the right atmosphere at any time of the day. That atmospheric light in the home, garden or office is the finishing touch for a beautiful living environment.

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