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Why choose a LED lamp?

Why choose a LED lamp?

The technological transition from incandescent to LED lamp is a great success. The technology of Led is completely different and the energy savings are enormous.

Energy consumption significantly reduced

With that we immediately touched on the most important advantage of LED lighting. You can easily save about 80% to 90% on your energy consumption. Those are amazing numbers that make you wonder why we’ve stuck with the energy-guzzling lightbulbs for so long. The main reason is probably habituation. Moreover, in the beginning there was not much choice in the type of light that an LED lamp gave.

Led lamp dimmable, warm and safe

But that is different today. You notice it immediately when you look at Luminize’s wide range. The warmth of the LED light radiates towards you. LED lighting has matured in a short time. A LED lamp is dimmable, gives beautiful light and is also very easy to combine with a motion sensor.

An LED lamp with a motion sensor is ideal for outdoor use. If you hang such a LED lamp on the facade, the bright LED lighting switches on as soon as a movement is detected. That is an excellent solution for security. Since Luminize supplies its LED lighting in a color temperature of 2.700K, the atmosphere around your home or company remains very pleasant. You are not confronted with a ‘cold light’ that often comes from neon beam lighting.

Safety in 2.700K color temperature

An LED lamp with motion sensor is very suitable for the garden. In addition to the safety it offers, its operation is also very useful for you. After all, as soon as you take a step into the garden, your outdoor lighting switches on. This is how the LED lamp with motion sensor works as a handy tool.

Even if you have your hands full, a step in your garden is always pleasantly illuminated by LED lighting of 2.700K. At least, if you purchase the garden lighting from Luminize. After all, we supply these outdoor luminaires as the only webshop with warm lamps in the correct color temperature.

LED lamp will last for years

If you think again about the efficiency of LED lighting, you may wonder whether a LED lamp costs a lot when you purchase it. Compared to an incandescent bulb, you do indeed pay a slightly higher price. But now that the energy savings are 80% to 90%, you will have earned back those extra purchase costs in a short time.

A big advantage of the LED lamp is that it lasts much longer than a light bulb. If you had to replace it regularly, LED lighting often continues to work for years. So you don’t have to unscrew your outdoor lighting every few months to put in a new lamp.

This also applies to a wall lamp with a motion sensor. Now that you only have to install a new LED lamp every few years, it is best to hang that safe lighting in a place that is difficult to reach. This also benefits the safety around your home or office. An unauthorized visitor to your garden cannot easily disable the LED lighting that you have hung as security.

LED lighting is much safer

But not only in your garden does the LED lamp provide many benefits. LED lighting also provides great benefits indoors. The color of the LED lamp is warm, while the lamp itself no longer gets warm. That is a big difference with the light bulb of the past, which got so hot that you could burn your fingers. Sometimes those light bulbs even caused an indoor fire. That risk is a thing of the past with the LED lamp that does not heat up.

A LED lamp with a motion sensor can also be very useful indoors. For example, you will regularly find such LED lighting in the hallway, along the stairs or in the garage. The advantage is always that the LED lamp switches on automatically. This provides a piece of safety for you and your family. Children no longer walk on the stairs in the dark. If you are no longer very mobile, a well-lit environment is always automatically within reach.

Greening is necessary

Yet…. That saving on energy really remains the best reason to install an LED lamp. If you assume an energy saving of 90%, then 1 day of burning an incandescent lamp is equivalent to 10 days burning of an LED lamp. This way you can let the lighting burn a lot more environmentally conscious during your holiday. The energy consumed is greatly reduced. In any case, LED lighting is highly recommended when it comes to sustainability. In this time when greening is really necessary, you no longer want to be dependent on lighting that wastes most of its energy due to the emission of heat.

Beautiful models, clearly arranged on our website

In any case, you don’t have to leave it for the design of the LED lighting. Take a look at our online range and enjoy modern, classic and industrial models. We have tried to make the overview as clear as possible for you. For example, in our menu at the top of the page you can choose LED lighting inside, outside and per room.

When it comes to indoor lighting, you can choose whether you choose ceiling lamps or wall lamps. Of course, a combination of both is the best way to create atmosphere with beautiful LED lighting. The outdoor lighting also offers many possibilities. The difference is large and divided into outdoor lamps with sensor, ground spotlights, solar garden lighting, standing outdoor lamps, garden spotlights and wall lamps. More than enough options to decorate your garden with beautiful LED lighting. In addition, a LED lamp with a motion sensor that you purchase from Luminize, in combination with its functional use, emits a beautiful warm light of 2.700K.

Beautiful, warm LED lamps of 2.700K

Now that you have read this story, you probably understand even better why you should choose the LED lamp. Your energy savings are optimal. This saves costs and is good for the environment. In addition, with Luminize you have the advantage that you purchase beautiful warm lighting with our 2.700K LED lamps.

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